Saturday, 12 July 2014

Amsterdam Adventure Part 1

In case you are wondering, I survived my first full day in Amsterdam without getting DNA sprayed. Last night, I discovered this sign that said DNA spray on it. My roommate and I have been joking about this DNA spraying business all day  long as it is interesting. So, of course, we had to do some investigation into this DNA spraying business. It turns out businesses can get this DNA spray that sprays a mist when there is a robber or criminal near their building. The criminal can then be tracked down and IDed from the spray. Here's a website to check out:
We jokingly didn't eat here because of the sign. But, really we didn't eat there as it didn't have the fries with mayo and Dutch currywurst we were searching for.
My roommate and I had a slow start to the day as the stay in Amsterdam was
an unescorted part of our tour. We felt like it was time for a day that didn't have us rushing around. The main highlight of the day besides taking the tram around was the Vincent Van Gogh museum. I am a big Vincent Van Gogh fan so it was nice to see so many of his paintings up close and personal. Some of the paintings took my breath away because of their beauty. 

Our afternoon involved eating lunch outside of a restaurant and people watching. We saw an interesting older couple putting down some trash on the ground and running off after putting it down. Perhaps they didn't want to get DNA sprayed. We, also, spent some time wandering around looking at shops before heading back to the hotel for a break before dinner.

Our search at dinner time for hot dogs with curry  and french fries with mayo ( a Dutch thing) was an adventure involving missing a tram who didn't let us on and the closure of food truck we had seen early. We finally found a place and then headed back to eat at the canal area behind our hotel. A Dutch man on his house boat seemed interested and asked us if it was good. It was good! 

Off to bed now. More adventures later.


  1. Hope you don't get sprayed and glow in the dark. Did you buy me a Van Gogh treat? I am so jealous!

  2. That DNA Spray thing sounds really interesting and I bet seeing original Van Gogh's was breathtaking!