Monday, 7 July 2014

London Day 2 and 3

Iffy wifi access has slowed down my blogging but, I have been busy. Day 2 started with a quick bus tour of  London before I jumped off to do my own thing. The tour group was going to Bath and Stonehenge but I went there a few years ago. My first stop was the Tower of London. I took an interesting tour led by a Yeoman Guard AKA a beefeater. The tour was quite informative with a funny guide. There were some annoying tourists complaining about how the guide could have been louder along with suggestions on how to do it. I was so tempted to tell them that talking about their inability to hear wouldn't help. The Crown Jewels  were interesting. You had to line up and walk through various rooms with informartion before getting to the Crown Jewels which you go along a conveyor belt to see them. Here are some photos from the Tower of London:

After the Tower of London I went to Oxford Circus for some shopping. Unfortunately, the cardigan that I bought was was left behind the next day at the musical we went to.

Then  it was on to Brick Lane which is famous for its  East Indian cuisine and Sunday Market. I took a stroll through many streets around this area exploring the stalls. Instead of going for East Indian food, got some Ethiopian food from a market stall. Here is the entrance way to Bricklane:

The next day I headed to Tate Moden for a Matisse cut-out art exhibition. I also snapped a picture of Monet's Waterlilies.

Then I went to the Borough Markets before heading back to get ready for our musical-Mamma Mia.  I thought the play was well done though I did prefer Billy Elliot last year.

Stay tuned for Paris updates.


  1. so jealous you're traveling again this summer...enjoy! i'll be back for PARIS <3

  2. London looks gorgeous!! I would love to tour the Tower of London one day! Where to next?

  3. I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on your cardigan. The pictures you sent from London were interesting. You sound like your enjoying your trip. Can't wait to read about Paris.