Friday, 11 July 2014

Paris je t'aime Part 2

Yesterday was day two in Paris. It was a day full of walking and exploring. 

Another Canadian and myself started the day off with a very tiresome yet rewarding walk up the Arc de Triomphe. The walk involved climbing up many flights of stairs but the view was worth it.

We then walked along the Champ de Elysses. I did this just to say I walked it. We continued to walk through Paris until we got to our tour pickup point.
Our group then went to Versaille. It was beautiful inside and outside of it but very excessive. The gardens were beautiful.
It was then time to head to Montmartre  for a hike up to our Parisean dinner. I tried duck and escargot for the first time. Surprisingly, I was quite impressed with the escargot. 

I will be exploring Amsterdam tomorrow so stay tuned.

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  1. Your pictures from Paris look beautiful! I have heard great things about escargot, but never worked up the courage to try them.