Saturday, 5 July 2014

Safe and Sound

I have just arrived safe and sound in London. My mom is obsessed with using the microphone recording for texting so I thought I'd ditch the computer and try blogging with the blogger blogging app and the microphone. I think I'm going to like not lugging a computer around. Plus this app allows you to easily insert photos into the blog which will please my mother.  I haven't done anything yet other than get my Starbucks fix as I am tired from the flight and lack of sleep. 

Before I go to meet my tour group I have to rant about the people lining up for my flight from Toronto. I just don't get the need to lineup long before you are called to line up. People were lined up even before there was an agent at the gate. I am not sure what they thought this would achieve as they couldn't go anywhere until their section of the plane was called. Once the gate attendant came he told them to go sit several times because they just weren't listening and not getting it. Of course, once they started preboarding everybody seem to flock up to the gate. This sure made it difficult when I was trying to get through to the gate when they called my row section as the first one.  But that's enough ranting for now as it is time to go meet my tour group. Bye for now.


  1. Glad you got there safe! I am enjoying seeing your pictures on Facebook, they give me a welcome diversion from packing!

  2. Glad you got there safe!! Love your lining up rant. I always get frustrated when people line up early especially when they say people travelling with young children. Great twitter pics and comments..I was thinking of you today when I was at David's tea..if you like tea go to the Twining Store in tea ever.I have boxes of it from London England!!